International Development Cooperation Consultants

DOCON Directory of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation

Mediterranean countries

TLD Company Name City Website URL
AE Dubai Aid City Dubai http://www.dubaiaidcity.ae
DZ Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquée au Développement Algier http://www.cread.edu.dz
EG Integrated Development Consultants (IDC) Cairo http://www.idcegypt.com
EG Human Capital Capability Academy (HCCA) Cairo http://www.hccacademy.com
EG North South Consultants Exchange Cairo http://www.nsce-inter.com
EG Sabbour Associates Cairo http://www.sabbour-associates.com
LB ProDev Lebanon Beirut http://www.prodev-group.com
PS Global Management Consulting Group Ramallah http://www.global-pal.com
SY Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development & Investment (SCB) Damascus http://www.scbdi.com
TN CCM Consulting Group Tunis http://www.ccm-cg.com
TR AKDAN Consultancy Ankara http://www.akdan.com
TR AGRIN Agriculture and Agroindustries Engineering Consultancy and Trading Co Ltd Ankara http://www.agrin-consult.com
TR ANKON Danismanlik Consulting Services Ankara http://www.ankon.com.tr
TR CALL Financial and Management Consultancy Ankara http://www.call-consultants.com
TR RENOVA Economics and Investment Consulting Ltd Istanbul http://www.renova.com.tr
TR IDE Consulting & Training Services Ankara http://www.ideplanet.com
TR KTG Knowledge and Technology Group Ltd. Ankara http://www.btgrubu.com/
TR PFD Consulting Istanbul http://www.pfdconsulting.com
TR Procurus Istanbul http://procurus.net
TR Ronesans Institute Istanbul http://www.rdbe.com.tr
TR SER Foreign Trade & Consulting Ltd Ankara ser@gediknet.com
TR SIT-Stratejik Iletisim Tasarimi Danismanlik A.S. Ankara http://www.sit.com.tr
TR ZED Consultancy Ankara http://www.zedconsultancy.com
TR Zenits Consulting Istanbul http://www.zenits.co.uk
YE International Consulting Group Sana'a icg212 @ Yemen.net.ye

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