International Development Cooperation Consultants

DOCON Directory of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation

Industrialized Countries not Members of the EU

(AU Australia, CA Canada, CH Switzerland, JP Japan, NO Norway, NZ Aotearoa New Zealand, US United States of America)

TLD Company Name City Website URL
INT AMSCO African Management Services Company (World Bank Group) Johannesburg http://www.amsco.org
INT International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ILO ITC) Turin http://www.itcilo.org
INT ITC International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO Geneva http://www.intracen.org
AU ACIL Australia Pty Ltd Hawthorn http://www.acil.com.au
AU Centre for International Economics Canberra http://www.thecie.com.au
AU International Consulting Group Melbourne http://www.intcg.com
AU PDP Australia Pty Ltd Sydney http://www.pdp.com.au
AU Coffey International Development Canberra http://www.coffey.com
AU SMEC Group Cooma, NSW http://www.smec.com.au
AU UniQuest Pty Limited St Lucia, Qld http://uniquest.com.au
CA AMZ-KHN Consulting Mississauga, ON http://www.amzconsulting.com
CA Calmeadow Toronto http://www.calmeadow.com
CA Canadian International Development Consultants, Inc. Toronto http://www.candev.ca
CA CH2M HILL Hill http://www.ch2m.com
CA coachingplatform Inc Halifax, NS http://www.coachingplatform.com
CA Deloitte Emerging Markets Guelph http://www.deloitte.com/emergingmarkets
CA Developpement International Desjardins Inc Québec http://www.did.qc.ca
CA DevPar Development Partnerships Cobourg, ON http://www.DevPar.com
CA FINCON Surrey, BC http://www.fincon-services.com/
CA FIT Foundation For International Training Ontario http://www.ffit.org
CA GSI Group Toronto http://prdwww.gsigroup.com/
CA IDEA Institute for Development in Economics and Administration Sainte-Foy http://www.idea-international.org
CA ILEAP International Lawyers and Economists Against Poverty Toronto, ON http://www.ileap-jeicp.org
CA SOGEMA/SIMA Longueuil http://www.crcsogema.com
CA S P I D Verger Inc Montreal (Qc) http://spid.com
CH BFC Busines & Finance Consulting GmbH Zürich http://www.bfconsulting.org
CH BlueOrchard Finance s.a. Geneva http://www.blueorchard.ch
CH CSEND Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development Geneva http://www.csend.org
CH IC Infraconsult AG Berne http://www.infraconsult.ch
CH Intercooperation Berne http://www.intercooperation.ch
CH INURA GmbH Zürich http://www.www.inura.ch
CH ITECO Engineering Ltd Affoltern am Albis http://www.iteco.ch
CH King Zollinger & Co. Advisory Services Zurich http://www.kingzollinger.ch
CH Logixa Logistics Competence Centre Le Mont sur Lausanne http://www.logixa.ch
CH PlanConsult Basel http://www.planconsult.ch
CH RuddyConsult Geneva http://www.thomasruddy.org
CH Swisscontact Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation Zurich http://www.swisscontact.ch
CH TULUM SA. Caslano http://www.tulum-consult.com
CH Webstyle-TV Vevey http://www.webstyletv.com
JP JUST Consultants Okayama http://www.stc-japan.com
JP Overseas Project Management Consultants Ltd. Tokyo http://www.opmac.co.jp
NO Norconsult Sandvika http://www.norconsult.no
NZ DBA David Butcher & Associates Wellington http://www.dba.org.nz
NZ Fraser Thomas Ltd Paihia, Bay of Islands http://www.ftl.co.nz
NZ VINSTAR Consulting Auckland http://www.vinstar.co.nz
TR AKDAN Consultancy Ankara http://www.akdan.com
TR AGRIN Agriculture and Agroindustries Engineering Consultancy and Trading Co Ltd Ankara http://www.agrin-consult.com
TR ANKON Danismanlik Consulting Services Ankara http://www.ankon.com.tr
TR CALL Financial and Management Consultancy Ankara http://www.call-consultants.com
TR IDE Consulting & Training Services Ankara http://www.ideplanet.com
TR KTG Knowledge and Technology Group Ltd. Ankara http://www.ktgcorp.com
TR PFD Consulting Istanbul http://www.pfdconsulting.com
TR Procurus Istanbul http://procurus.net
TR RENOVA Economics and Investment Consulting Ltd Istanbul http://www.renova.com.tr
TR Ronesans Institute Istanbul http://www.rdbe.com.tr
TR SER Foreign Trade & Consulting Ltd Ankara ser@gediknet.com
TR Zenits Consulting Istanbul http://www.zenits.co.uk
US Abt Associates Inc. Cambridge, MA http://www.abtassoc.com
US ACCION International Boston,MA http://www.accion.org
US ACDI VOCA Washington, DC http://www.acdivoca.org
US ADICA Consulting, LLC Oak Brook, IL http://www.adica.com
US AIR American Institutes for Research Washington, DC http://www.air.org
US Alternative Credit Technologies LLC Washington, DC http://www.alternative-credit.com
US American Institutes for Research, Washington, DC http://www.air.org
US AMEX International, Inc. Washington, DC http://www.amexdc.com
US ARD, Inc. Burlington, VT http://www.ardinc.com
US Asia Foundation San Francisco, CA http://www.asiafoundation.org
US Aries Group, Ltd Bethesda, MD http://www.ariesgroup.com
US BearingPoint McLean, VA http://www.bearingpoint.net
US BGSI Business and Government Strategies International Alexandria, VA http://www.bgsi.net
US BRIXPO Consulting Washington, DC http://brixpo.com
US C&M Clapp and Mayne, Inc. Rockville, MD http://www.cmusa.com
US CAII Creative Associates International, Inc. Washington, DC http://www.caii-dc.com
US CARTA Center for Applied Research & Technical Assistance, Inc. Baltimore, MD http://www.cartainc.org
US CDM Cambridge, MA http://www.cdm.com
US Centennial Group Washington, DC http://www.centennial-group.com
US CEPDA The Centre for Development and Population Activities Washington, DC http://www.cedpa.org
US Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. Washington, DC http://www.checchiconsulting.com
US Chemonics International Washington, DC http://www.chemonics.com
US CHF International Silver Spring, MD http://www.chfhq.org
US Comforce Technical Services Los Angeles, CA http://www.comforce.com
US Counterpart International, Inc. Washington, DC http://www.counterpart.org
US DAI Development Alternatives, Inc. Bethesda, MD http://www.dai.com
US DPK Consulting San Francisco, CA http://www.dpkconsulting.com
US East West Institute New York, NY http://www.ewi.info/
US Eclipse Corporate Development Reno, NV http://www.eclipsecorpdev.com
US EDC Education Development Center, Inc. Boston, MA http://www.edc.org/
US Enterprise Resource Group, Inc. Bethesda, MD www.ergconsult.com
US Enterprising Solutions Global Consulting Inc New York, NY http://www.esglobal.com
US EnterpriseWorks Worldwide Washington, DC http://www.enterpriseworks.org
US exim*trade New York, NY http://www.eximtrade.net
US Faber Maunsell Chevy Chase, MD http://www.fabermaunsell.com
US FINCA International, Inc. Washington, DC http://www.villagebanking.org
US Friedman Associates Iowa City, IA http://friedmanassociates.net
US Great Forest Inc. New York, NY http://www.greatforest.com
US Harvard Kennedy School Cambridge, MA http://www.hks.harvard.edu/
US Heifer International Little Rock, AR http://www.heifer.org
US ICEG International Center For Economic Growth San Francisco, CA http://www.iceg.org
US ICMA Washington, DC http://www.icma.org
US IESC International Executive Service Corps Stamford, CT http://www.iesc.org
US IFDC Muscle Shoals, AL http://www.ifdc.org
US IMCC International Management and Communications Corporation Arlington, VA http://www.imcworldwide.org
US InterAction Washington, DC http://www.interaction.org
US International Medical Corps Los Angeles, CA http://www.imcworldwide.org
US International Business & Technical Consultants, Inc. Vienna, VA http://www.ibtci.com
US International Resources Group, Ltd. Washington, DC http://www.irgltd.com
US IOS Partners Miami, FL http://www.iospartners.com
US IRD International Relief and Development, Inc Washington, DC http://www.ird-dc.org
US IREX International Research & Exchanges Board Washington, DC http://www.irex.org
US IRIS Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector College Park, MD http://www.iris.umd.edu
US JE Austin Associates, Inc. Arlington, VA http://www.jeaustin.com
US John Snow Inc. Arlington, VA http://www.jsi.com
US Louis Berger International, Inc. East Orange, N.J., http://www.louisberger.com
US Making Cents LLC Washington, DC http://www.makingcents.com
US Manoff Group Washington, DC http://www.manoffgroup.com
US McConnell International LLC Washington, DC http://www.mcconnellinternational.com
US ME&A Mendez England & Associates Bethesda, MD http://www.mendezengland.com
US MSI Management Systems International Washington, DC http://www.msiworldwide.com
US Nathan Associates Arlington, VA http://www.nathaninc.com
US NRUCFC National Rural Utilities Co-operative Finance Corporation Herndon, VA http://www.nrucfc.org
US AECOM International Development Washington, DC http://www.aecominterdev.com
US PAE Group Los Angeles www.paegroup.com
US Partners of the Americas Washington, DC http://www.partners.net
US PFD Partners for Development Silver Spring, MD http://www.pfd.org
US Pierce Atwood Portland, ME http://www.pierceatwood.com
US Plexus Consulting Group, LLC Washington, D.C. http://www.plexusconsulting.com
US Population Leadership Program Berkeley, CA http://www.popldr.org
US Pragma Corporation Falls Church, VA http://www.pragmacorp.com
US QED Group LLC Washington, DC http://www.qedgroupllc.com
US RTI Research Triangle Institute Research Triangle Park, NC http://www.rti.org
US Rural Development Institute Seattle, WA http://www.rdiland.org
US SECID South-East Consortium For International Development Washington, DC http://www.secid.org
US ShoreBank Advisory Services Chicago, IL http://www.sbk.com
US SILBEY International Washington, DC http://www.sibleyinternational.com
US Social Impact Inc. Reston, VA http://www.socialimpact.com
US State University of New York’s Center for International Development New York, NY http://www.suny.edu
US Sterling Merchant Finance Ltd Washington, DC http://www.sterlingus.com
US Technical Assistants Philadelphia, PA tadirector@juno.com
US TechnoServe Inc. Norwalk, CT http://www.tns.org
US The Futures Group International Washington, DC http://www.futuresgroup.com
US The Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, Inc Washington, DC http://www.ip3.org
US Trickle Up Programme Washington, DC http://www.trickleup.org
US Virtual Research Associates, Inc. Boston, MA http://www.vranet.com
US Weidemann Associates, Inc. Arlington, VA http://www.weidemann.org
US Winrock International Morrilton, AR http://www.winrock.org
US WOCCU-PDM World Council of Credit Unions Madison, WI http://www.woccu.org

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