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  • Mainstreaming Trade to Attain the Sustainable Development Goals

    The WTO is central to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which set targets to be achieved by 2030 in areas such as poverty reduction, health, education and the environment. The SDGs put significant emphasis on the role that trade plays in promoting […]

  • Happy World Development Information Day! #devinfoday

    The UN dedicates its own anniversary on 24 October to Development Information. Since 1972 we celebrate World Development Information Day. Let’s party! “Information and communications technologies have the potential to provide new solutions to development challenges, particularly in the context of globalization, and can foster economic growth, competitiveness, access to […]

  • How is phytosanitary knowledge managed globally?

    The World Trade Organization has contracted Karsten Weitzenegger to evaluate a phytosanitary capacity development project of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF). The independent ex-post evaluation of STDF project performance offers lessons and recommendations to improve future project results. The Project STDF/PG/350 entitled “Global Phytosanitary Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures […]

  • IDEAs International Development Economics Associates

    IDEAs or the International Development Economics Associates is committed to building a pluralistic network of committed researchers,  teachers and other economists interested in advancing progressive heterodox approaches to critically analysing and addressing the problems of economic development processes. IDEAs was established in New Delhi, India with a purpose of building […]

  • Sustainable Development Goals 2018: More important, more difficult #SDG2018

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. Three years into the implementation of the Agenda, countries are translating this shared vision into national development plans and strategies. The Sustainable Development Goals Report […]

Weitzenegger im Blog von SID Hamburg

  • Action for Sustainability (General)

    Originally posted on Wozukunft: We all agree that we need to do something about our lack of sustainability, about living at the expense of the current young as well as future generations. We differ at what the something is. Some options: Option 1. Improve our private impact on environmental and social sustainability. All of us […]

  • Development cooperation must change radically and rapidly for #2030Agenda

    Development cooperation needs to change more radically and at a vastly accelerated pace to meet the deadlines and expectations set out in the 2030 Agenda. To get on track to meet the SDGs by 2030, policymakers and practitioners must show leadership and swiftly act now, based on the latest thinking, evidence and research. This was… Read More Development cooperation must change radically and rapidly for #2030Agenda […]

  • New Special Issue: “Migration, Civil Society and Global Governance” #ForMigration #GFMD

    Originally posted on The GFMD, Migration, Development and Human Rights: A Special Issue of the journal “Globalizations” has been published on the theme “Migration, Civil Society and Global Governance”. It was guest edited by my esteemed colleagues Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Branka Likić-Brborić, Raúl Delgado Wise & Gülay Toksöz and focusses specifically on “the positionality and capacity […]

  • A future of work based on sustainable production and employment

    Originally posted on Work In Progress: Simel Esim, Head of the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit, On the first Saturday of July each year, the international community celebrates the International Day of Cooperatives. This year’s theme, Sustainable consumption and production of goods and services is timely, as the ILO works towards a future of work that is […]

  • Meta-Evaluation can support the transformative impact of the SDGs

    When implementing the SDGs,  Meta-Evaluation can pave the way to public policy reforms. Evaluation processes have a key role in the national and global review systems for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The implementation of the SDGs is led by each country and adjusted to the respective national priorities. Countries will lead and determine their… Read More Meta-Evaluation can support the transformative impact of the SDGs […]

News for Evaluation Professionals

  • Improving the quality of evaluations in institutions – Caroline Heider, Director General of IEG/WB
    by Karsten Weitzenegger on 27. September 2018 at 18:47

    The interview below was done by the Evaluation Support Service (ESS), a service to Unit 04 Results, Evaluation and Business Processes, of DG DEVCO. It addresses the critical question of the role of evaluations in generating knowledge on Aid, and helping the institution to learn from its experience. https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/HJ0cWQo9JU8?rel=0&showinfo=0 When it comes to learning – and notably learning from… Read More Improving the quality of evaluations in institutions – Caroline Heider, Director General of IEG/WB […]

  • IEG Director General Caroline Heider’s retrospective after 7 years
    by Karsten Weitzenegger on 25. September 2018 at 19:05

    Read the third and final post of Caroline Heider’s retrospective of her 7 years at the helm of IEG. “To sum up, looking back at my seven years at IEG, it has been a period of transformational change, but one that was gradual, organic, iterative. No big blue-prints, no fancy strategy documents, but small steps… Read More IEG Director General Caroline Heider’s retrospective after 7 years […]

  • Endline findings of the Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation (MVEval)
    by Karsten Weitzenegger on 18. September 2018 at 13:13

    Itad is pleased to announce the publication of the endline findings of the Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation (MVEval). Go to MVEval findings: http://mvevalonline.itad.com This independent, mixed method impact evaluation, surveyed over 2,000 households from within 35 villages in the project site and included three qualitative longitudinal studies that collected evidence on institutional… Read More Endline findings of the Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation (MVEval) […]

  • Lessons from World Vision: Mandatory indicators don’t work!
    by Karsten Weitzenegger on 16. September 2018 at 23:27

    Originally posted on ngo performance: Here’s another powerful experiment by a major NGO on how to measure results. It’s from World Vision, a few years ago. The experiment was to roll out the same 12 standard impact indicators across all their programmes, worldwide. (World Vision currently works in over 80 countries worldwide.) I’m greatly impressed […]

  • Candice Morkel’s Six Top Tips for YEEs
    by Karsten Weitzenegger on 11. September 2018 at 18:49

    Evaluation for Development New content has been added at Zenda Ofir’s blog. Candice Morkel’s Six Top Tips for YEEs **6 min read** Candice is a livewire at CLEAR-AA in Johannesburg. Together with another livewire colleague, Mokgophana Ramasobana, she is responsible for, among others, the Development Evaluation Training Programme in Africa (DETPA, also known as the… Read More Candice Morkel’s Six Top Tips for YEEs […]

Webtipps der Woche

  • Karte von morgen verzeichnet zukunftsorientierte Initiativen und Unternehmen. Jetzt drin sein!

    Comments:Die interaktive „Karte von morgen“ verzeichnet zukunftsorientierte Initiativen und Unternehmen. Und jede*r kann mitmachen. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: karte, SDG, maps, zivilgesellschaft, nachhaltigkeit, städte, stadt, unternehmen, initiativeby: Karsten Weitzenegger […]

  • Globalisierung unter neuen Vorzeichen - Freihandel versus Protektionismus | bpb Dossier

    Comments:Die Hintergrundanalysen u.a. von Clara Brandi, Gabriel Felbermayr, Niko Paech und Claudia Schmucker beleuchten den aktuellen Stand des Globalisierungsprozesses und der internationalen Handelspolitik. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: politikdidaktik, globales_lernen, globalisierung, handel, handelsabkommenby: Karsten Weitzenegger […]

  • DEval zu den DAC Evaluierungskriterien: Reform, aber keine Transformation nötig

    Comments:Eine Reform der OECD-DAC Evaluierungskriterien könnte die existierenden Vorteile des Kriterienkatalogs stärken und das übergreifende Lernen aus Evaluierungen fördern, ohne dass der Wiedererkennungswert und die Referenzfunktion des Kriterienkatalogs Schaden nehmen. Ein dergestalt reformierter Katalog böte zudem die Chance einer Anwendung jenseits der EZ und würde dem Universalitätsprinzip der Agenda 2030 gerecht. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: DEval, dac, evaluation, evaluationsinstrumenteby: Karsten Weitzenegger […]

  • VENRO-Factsheet zum G20 Compact with Africa

    Comments:Der Compact with Africa ist eine Initiative der G20 zur Förderung wirtschaftlichen Wachstums und privatwirtschaftlicher Investitionen in afrikanischen Staaten. Er wurde als Initiative der G20-Finanzminister im Jahr 2017 unter deutscher G20-Präsidentschaft eingerichtet. Die Bundesregierung treibt die Initiative seitdem aktiv voran, unter anderem mit einer Intensivierung der bilateralen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit mit einigen Compact-Ländern über die so genannten Reformpartnerschaften. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: compact, africa, afrika, wirtschaft, jobsby: Karsten […]

  • GES - Globale Entwicklung in der Schule - Engagement Global

    Comments:Der Orientierungsrahmen Globale Entwicklung, ein gemeinsames Projekt der KMK und des BMZ, hilft dabei, eine Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der globalen Perspektive fest in Schule und Unterricht zu verankern. Länderinitiativen sowie Landeskoordinatorinnen und Landeskoordinatoren unterstützen dabei maßgeblich. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: entwicklung, schule, engagement, BNE, politikdidaktik, BMZ, Bildung, globales_lernenby: Karsten Weitzenegger […]

  • Den Wandel in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit beschleunigen – aber wie? Netzwerk “Partners for Review” (P4R) beriet

    Comments:„Der Weg in eine nachhaltige, gerechte Welt ist alles andere als einfach”, sagte Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze im Netzwerk “Partners for Review” (P4R). Die Ministerin betonte, von dem SDG-Gipfel im kommenden Herbst müsse ein internationaler Weckruf ausgehen. Die ökonomischen, ökologischen und sozialen Kosten stiegen, je länger es dauere, die SDGs und die Verpflichtungen zum Klimaschutz zu erfüllen. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: HLPF, SDG, 2030-Agenda, nachhaltigkeitsziele, RNE, P4R, klimaby: Karsten Weitzenegger […]

  • OECD Perspektiven zur globalen Entwicklung 2019 – Entwicklungsstrategien überdenken

    Comments:Der Bericht „Perspectives on Global Development 2019: Rethinking Development Strategies“ kommt zu dem Schluss, dass sich Entwicklungsstrategien an den weltweiten Kontext anpassen und auf neue Trends und Herausforderungen reagieren müssen. Sie sind am effektivsten, wenn sie branchenübergreifend, partizipatorisch, standortspezifisch und in Multilateralismus eingebettet sind. Zusätzlich bedarf es notwendiger Ressourcen und politischen Willens, um die Implementierung zu gewährleisten. - Karsten Weitzenegger Tags: oecd, development, strategies, strategie, […]

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