World leaders look for ways to spark a new green revolution #PAGEBerlin

Leading economists, CEOs, ministers, heads of UN agencies and high-level representatives from nongovernmental organizations meet in Berlin to boost the green economy and set a path to the 2030 Agenda. Countries have donated close to €15 million so far while Uruguay and Guyana have joined the Partnership for Action on

Foro Emprendedurismo para jóvenes en desventaja social

Desarrollo de habilidades emprendedoras en la formación profesional de jóvenes en desventaja social El Programa ‘Desarrollo de habilidades en la formación profesional de desventaja social en Centroamérica’ de la GIZ financiado por el Ministerio Federal de Cooperación Económica y Desarrollo de Alemania (BMZ) 2012-2013, esta cerrado. El grupo continua en

Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations | DME for Peace

Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluations | DME for Peace. This Guidance is aimed at increasing knowledge on the application of these two approaches in evaluation processes but also at raising awareness on their specific relevance and significance for UN work. It complements the UNEG’s Handbook ‘Integrating Human

Human Development Report 2014 on vulnerability and resilience warns: 2.2 billion people are poor or near-poor

Persistent vulnerability threatens human development, and unless it is systematically tackled by policies and social norms, progress will be neither equitable nor sustainable. This is the core premise of the 2014 Human Development Report. Entitled Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience, the Report provides a fresh perspective on

NORRAG News search tool on education and training

Since the first issue of NORRAG News was released in 1986, it has been an invaluable source of knowledge on education and training policies and cooperation. In order to capitalize on the knowledge produced over the years by a whole range of contributors, NORRAG has developed a new advanced search

International Youth Day: See some inspirational young people moving development forward

To celebrate International Youth Day on 12 August 2013, we’re shining a spotlight on just some of the young people who are refusing to inherit a world where extreme poverty and inequality exist. I hear so many people dismiss the issue of global poverty with the words ‘It’s just how

New TrainEval module ‘Systemic approaches to conducting evaluations’ 18.-20.September 2013 in Brussels

AGEG Consultants eG offer this training module in response to the needs and challenges stated above. It is complementary to the TrainEval advanced training programme for evaluation in development. The three-day module at hand is aimed at evaluators with evaluation experience who wish to expand their set of skills with

TrainEval. Training for Evaluation in Development

» Enhancing Skills to Assess Development Interventions » Focus on the EC evaluation approach » For professionals in development cooperation TrainEval offers a sound qualification opportunity for development evaluation. It provides the ideal solution for experts acting in a growing market as it imparts evaluation theory, applied knowledge and the

Guía para la evaluación de impacto de la formación profesional

La elaboración de esta “Guía para la evaluación de impacto de la formación profesional” es el producto de una intensa y fructífera construcción colectiva de conocimiento de las instituciones miembros de la red OIT/Cinterfor, para lo cual sus especialistas aportaron sus valiosos conocimientos y experiencias. Igualmente, los miembros del Consejo

Certificate Course on Using ICT Tools for Effective Monitoring, Impact Evaluation and Research

E Course on ICT based M and E, Impact Evaluation and Research. The Development CAFE has announced this interesting course. Overall Course Outcome: The ICT tools for Monitoring and Evaluation course will introduce you to tools and techniques to measure and report project/programme outcomes to your stakeholders, including donors, funders, | Results-focused Project Design and Management” (RfPDM) training

The site “Results-focused Project Design and Management” (RfPDM) is a platform where facilitation and development cooperation meet. While we cater primarily to the former and future participants of The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Training of Facilitators’ (TOF) and other alumni of our Results-focused Project Design and Management (RfPDM) workshops, our

Rapid Assessment of Capacity (RAC) | capacity4dev

Assessing programme outcomes is difficult and becomes even more difficult when measuring Capacity Development, where areas of action and deliverables are not always easily calculated. But a new tool, called the Rapid Assessment of Capacity, or RAC, has been designed with the intention of being fast, effective and low cost