“What works? The effectiveness of youth employment programs” RWI Conference, Berlin, Germany, 29 – 30 June 2017

“What works? The effectiveness of youth employment programs” Berlin, Germany, 29 – 30 June 2017 Background Young people out of work are a population at risk in developed and developing economies alike: first, the average share of jobless youths is typically twice as high as the corresponding share among adults.

The development effectiveness of Development Finance Institutions

Development funding is increasingly being channelled through Development Finance Institutions. These national institutions are particularly solicited when using development aid money to free up further investment, known as leveraging. When used well, these tools have the potential to allow sectors of developing countries’ economies that wouldn’t otherwise attract investment to

ILO calls for reorientation of Latin American labour market policies

ILO: Labour market policies in Latin America must be reoriented to protect social achievements and address productivity gaps At a time when governments in the region face the dual challenges of creating quality jobs and safeguarding achievements in social inclusion and work quality, an ILO report highlights the need for

ILO warns of widespread insecurity in the global labour market

How is the world of work changing? Are permanent contracts the norm or the exception? Discover the new World Employment and Social Outlook 2015 (WESO). Raymond Torres, Head of the ILO Research department, introduces the new annual flagship report “World Employment and Social Outlook 2015: The Changing Nature of Jobs”

Global Employment Trends for Youth 2013: A generation at risk | ILO Report

Thie ILO Global Employment Trends 2013 Report examines the continuing job crisis affecting young people in many parts of the world. It provides updated statistics on global and regional youth unemployment rates and presents ILO policy recommendations to curb the current trends. Download the report (Full report 161 pages –

Youth employment: What works | ILO Evidence

International Youth Day, marked every year on August 12, aims at drawing attention to issues affecting young people worldwide. It is also an opportunity to highlight some of the policies and practices that can help tackle the youth jobs crisis. Promoting youth employment has become a top priority for many

Learning forum on Green Jobs: local strategies and actions

Learning forum on Green Jobs: local strategies and actions. Provides participants with a range of development tools and best practices with the objective to enhance their skills in the design and implementation of innovative Green Jobs strategies and actions at the local level. Target group: Local, regional and national officials

The Call — The Turin 2011 Learning Link

The Call — Learning Link. The Turin 2011 Learning Link is based on the principle of collaborative contributions. This call is addressed to all organizations that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences in a participatory learning setting from April 11-15 at the International Training Centre of the ILO

Global Employment Trends Report 2009

Based on new developments in the labour market and depending on the timeliness and effectiveness of recovery efforts, the ILO report says global unemployment in 2009 could increase over 2007 by a range of 18 million to 30 million workers, and more than 50 million if the situation continues to

Key reading on ex-ante Poverty Impact Assessment

Promoting Pro-Poor growth: A Practical Guide to ex-ante Poverty Impact Assessment http://www.oecd.org/document/… This practical guide, developed by the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET), is designed to help staff in developing countries and in aid agencies to plan and execute PIAs and to interpret their findings, the ultimate goal being

Unions to Davos: Jobs the Missing Link

Employment and incomes key to pulling world economy out of tailspin, as ILO predicts up to 50 million jobs to go and 200 million more into absolute poverty, as new IMF figures herald global recession. The global financial crisis now threatens to become a social time bomb if the world’s

ILO Global Employment Trends 2008

Economic turbulence largely due to credit market turmoil and rising oil prices could spur an increase in global unemployment by an estimated 5 million persons in 2008. This is one of the main findings in the GET report 2008. This new projection for 2008 is in contrast to 2007, a