The Alliance for Useful Evidence champions the use of evidence in social policy and practice

Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting joined The Alliance for Useful Evidence. The Alliance is a UK-based network that promotes the use of high quality evidence to inform decisions on strategy, policy and practice. It is an open access network of individuals from across government, universities, charities, business and local authorities in the

Weitzenegger joins SEEDwork Sustainable Economic Development and Employment

Karsten Weitzenegger is an Associate of SEEDwork, the expert association for sustainable economic development and employment. Please visit my profile at SEEDwork is a registered non-profit association composed of professionals with long-standing experience in technical and financial development cooperation. The purpose of the association is the promotion of societal

Knowledge Networks for Sustainable Development – The 2030 Agenda as an Imperative for a Sustainable Future

5 Discussion Points by Karsten Weitzenegger delivered at the German Development Institute (DIE) Alumni Conference, Bonn, 9 September 2016 Challenges and Solutions -The 2030 Agenda as an Imperative for a Sustainable Future 1 The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is challenging at local, national, and global scales. Knowledge

Solutions Summit gathers solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The second annual Solutions Summit is a catalytic gathering that will take place at UN Headquarters in NY on the evening of 21 September 2016 during UN General Assembly week. Solutions Summit 2016 will highlight projects advancing the objectives of one or more of these upcoming global Summits and Conferences:

Wikiprogress is the Platform on Measuring the Progress of Societies

Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting uses Wikiprogress, This is a global platform for you to gather, share and create information about measuring the progress of society. Wikiprogress is a global platform for sharing information in order to evaluate social, environmental and economic progress. It is open to all members and communities

NORRAG News search tool on education and training

Since the first issue of NORRAG News was released in 1986, it has been an invaluable source of knowledge on education and training policies and cooperation. In order to capitalize on the knowledge produced over the years by a whole range of contributors, NORRAG has developed a new advanced search

IEG’s Evaluation Capacity Development Website

The Independent Evaluation Group of The World Bank Group hosts an Evaluation Capacity Development webpage. It features resources to help build evaluation knowledge and skills, “how to” help guides to design and manage evaluation process and help in using evaluations as a means to improve project performance. Evaluation Capacity Development

DEEEP Global Conference: Building a Global Citizens Movement

The video documentation of the Global Conference: Building a Global Citizens Movement is ready. Spend 9 minutes worth watching and connect yourself to the global citizen movement! In July 2013, 200 active citizens from around the world met in Johannesburg to start “Building a Global Citizens Movement”. This research conference,

DOCON 2013 Directory of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation |

I recently updated DOCON, the Directory of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation at Here you can find service providers, consortium partners or employers. The list is sorted by country of Headquarters. Companies are listed world-wide, but I make an effort to cover the European Union Member States

Made in Africa TV | AfriGadget TV | African ingenuity on the Air

The production company Made in Africa TV is taking AfriGadget to the East African airwaves to inspire millions of viewers to become active creators of new and ingenious products, themselves. Made in Africa TV plans to produce AfriGadget as separate programs in each of the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan television

Poverty Alleviation Networks

Here is a list of networks active in poverty reduction and poverty research. Most of them are open for researchers and practitioners willing to interchange knowledge on poverty issues. The Poverty Research Archive covers them all. If your network is missing here, please let me know. Eldis Poverty Resource Guide