“What works? The effectiveness of youth employment programs” RWI Conference, Berlin, Germany, 29 – 30 June 2017

“What works? The effectiveness of youth employment programs” Berlin, Germany, 29 – 30 June 2017 Background Young people out of work are a population at risk in developed and developing economies alike: first, the average share of jobless youths is typically twice as high as the corresponding share among adults.

Solutions Summit gathers solutions for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The second annual Solutions Summit is a catalytic gathering that will take place at UN Headquarters in NY on the evening of 21 September 2016 during UN General Assembly week. Solutions Summit 2016 will highlight projects advancing the objectives of one or more of these upcoming global Summits and Conferences:

OECD Development Co-operation Report 2015

Making Partnerships Effective Coalitions for Action With the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the question of how to finance, implement and monitor these goals moves to the centre of the debate. Today, international development co-operation takes place in an increasingly complex environment, with an ever growing number of actors,

A Curated List of Postings on Technical Topics – Your One-Stop Shop for Methodology | Impact Evaluations

The World Bank offers A Curated List of Our Postings on Technical Topics – Your One-Stop Shop for Methodology | Impact Evaluations.

Wikiprogress is the Platform on Measuring the Progress of Societies

Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting uses Wikiprogress, This is a global platform for you to gather, share and create information about measuring the progress of society. www.wikiprogress.org Wikiprogress is a global platform for sharing information in order to evaluate social, environmental and economic progress. It is open to all members and communities

Learning and Results in World Bank Operations: How the Bank Learns | Independent Evaluation Group

As the world’s leading development finance agency, the World Bank has an unrivaled opportunity to promote learning and knowledge sharing about development effectiveness. But to maintain this competitive advantage, and more importantly improve learning from lending and feed that learning back into lending quickly and effectively, the World Bank Group

Perspectives on Global Development 2014: OECD sees productivity as key

Boosting productivity key for developing economies to close income gap with advanced countries, says OECD Development Centre Income levels in most developing and emerging countries will not catch up with advanced economies for many decades without efforts to boost productivity, according to a new report by the OECD Development Centre.

From Poverty to Power » Are we measuring the right things?

Duncan Green started a discussion on the latest multidimensional poverty index in his Blog: From Poverty to Power » Are we measuring the right things? The latest multidimensional poverty index is launched today – what do you think?.

GIGA turns 50 | Watching the World from Hamburg

Founded 50 years ago as the Deutsches Übersee-Institut, the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies/Leibniz-Institut für Globale und regionale Studien is now an internationally renowned institute that delivers world-class social science research. The GIGA emerged out of the restructuring of the German Overseas Institute in 2006. Increased incorporation

World Development Information Day | Cooperation for Development

Happy World Development Information Day! http://www.un.org/en/events/devinfoday/ Your Newsletter on International Cooperation for Sustainable Development is ready at http://newsletter.weitzenegger.de I invite you to my International Development Newsroom at http://newsroom.weitzenegger.de You can even get this information delivered by e-mail using Feedburner: http://tinyurl.com/globaldevnews I recently updated the Development Research Crawler at http://research.weitzenegger.de. Search