IDEAs International Development Economics Associates

IDEAs International Development Economics Associates

IDEAs or the International Development Economics Associates is committed to building a pluralistic network of committed researchers,  teachers and other economists interested in advancing progressive heterodox approaches to critically analysing and addressing the problems of economic development processes.

IDEAs was established in New Delhi, India with a purpose of building a pluralist network of economists engaged in the teaching, research and analyses of economic development.

  • The failed promise of employment
    by C. P. Chandrasekhar on 17 January 2019 at 12:31

    As election 2019 approaches, the Modi government, damaged by agrarian distress, is also being challenged by evidence that its record on employment generation has been extremely poor. To recall, in its campaign during the 2014 election which brought it back […]

  • A Misleading Debate
    by Prabhat Patnailk on 10 January 2019 at 14:01

    For some time now there has been a debate in the country that is as esoteric as it is misleading, namely whether the Reserve Bank of India’s reserves should be drawn down by the government to finance its expenditure. On […]

  • Rethinking Free Trade Agreements in Uncertain Times
    by Jomo Kwame Sundaram on 9 January 2019 at 09:53

    After US President Donald Trump withdrew from Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), involving twelve countries on the Pacific rim, on his first day in office, Japan, Australia and their closest allies proposed and promoted the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) […]

  • External Balance Sheets of Emerging Economies: Low-Yielding Assets, High-Yielding Liabilities
    by betaideas on 7 January 2019 at 07:09

    The new millennium has witnessed a rapid expansion of external balance sheets and significant changes in the capital, currency and sectoral compositions of foreign assets and liabilities of emerging economies. While foreign lending and investment in these economies have reached […]

  • To be Bravely Critical of Reality: An interview with Tamás Szentes
    by betaideas on 4 January 2019 at 10:01

    Tamás Szentes, Professor Emeritus of the Corvinus University of Budapest (the former Karl Marx University), elected full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is ‘one of the grand old men of development economics.’[1] His first celebrated book in English, The Politica […]