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  • Protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises — Treaty Alliance

    Karsten Weitzenegger signed the common statements of the Treaty Alliance. The UN Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group (OEIGWG) on Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Respect to Human Rights will be holding its third session October 23-27, 2017. With two successful sessions behind it, negotiations will now begin on the basis of a draft presented… Read More Protection of human rights from the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises — Treaty Allianc […]

  • Civil society & the SDGs – notes & next steps from #HLPF

    At last month´s UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, over 2,500 representatives from civil society joined governments to review implementation efforts for the Sustainable Development Goals. The global forum resulted in a Ministerial Declaration, which Action for Sustainable Development produced a response. 5 key points from our statement: The Leave No One Behind… Read More Civil society & the SDGs – notes & next steps from #HLPF […]

  • Guest Article: Enabling Development for All: New Report on Access to Information and the UN 2030 Agenda | IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD

    UN Member States made access to information a target under SDG 16, and argued it was a cornerstone of the whole architecture of the 2030 Agenda. IFLA’s Development and Access to Information 2017 report, developed by IFLA in partnership with the Technology and Social Change Group at the University of Washington, stresses how access to… Read More Guest Article: Enabling Development for All: New Report on Access to Information and the UN 2030 Agenda | IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD […]

  • Development in transition

    Originally posted on Development Matters: By Alicia Barcena, Stefano Manservisi and Mario Pezzini Understanding and supporting the development trajectories of countries have long been the driving force behind all of our careers. If we, as a global community, are serious now about ensuring prosperity for all through the universal and comprehensive 2030 Agenda and its […]

  • Where to start with the SDGs?

    Originally posted on Development Matters: By Simon Scott, Counsellor, Statistics Directorate, OECD; Jeff Leitner, Fellow, New America and Managing Director, GreenHouse; and William Hynes, Co-ordinator, New Approaches to Economic Challenges programme, OECD “The SDGs as a network of targets,” from David Le Blanc, “Towards integration at last?”, DESA Working Paper No. 141 ST/ESA/2015/DWP/141 The upsid […]

News for Evaluation Professionals

  • European Commission Evaluation Methodology

    EuropeAid Methodological bases for evaluation The EU has developed and formalised a methodology for evaluating its external assistance in which priority is given to results and impacts. These methodological guidelines are designed to facilitate the move towards an evaluation practice focused on programmes and strategies. Source: Methodological guidance for evaluation – European CommissionFiled under: Evaluation […]

  • Technology and evaluation conference 2017

    Originally posted on intelligent measurement: If you are interested in technology, monitoring and evaluation, then consider the MERL Tech DC 2017 conference, Thursday – Friday, September 7th-8th 2017, Washington DC, US. Some really interesting presentations and workshops. […]

  • Free Online Course: Planning for Data Collection

    SocialCops have recently launched a free online course on Planning for Data Collection that will help you master the basic concepts, tools and tips you need to create a stellar data collection plan. This course includes extensive video lectures, text resources and a worksheet to help you plan better for your data collection. What will you learn in… Read More Free Online Course: Planning for Data Collection […]

  • Africa Evidence Network  consultation for Evidence 2018

    AEN consultation on the conference strands for Evidence 2018   In September 2018, the Africa Evidence Network will be hosting EVIDENCE 2018. This conference will bring together delegates from across the world to the third biennial meeting of the Network. Our overall Evidence 2016 themes of ENGAGE, UNDERSTAND, IMPACT will continue at EVIDENCE 2018, focussing… Read More Africa Evidence Network  consultation for Evidence 2018 […]

  • Holding decision makers to account for evidence use

    Originally posted on kirstyevidence: Evidence-informed policy – it’s a wonderful thing. But just how widespread is it? The ‘Show your workings’ report from the Institute of Government (and collaborators Sense About Science and the Alliance for Useful Evidence) has asked this question and concluded… not very. It states “there [are] few obvious political penalties for failing to […]

Websites of the Month

  • How business can tackle ocean plastic pollution - 26-27 October 2017 - London | Innovation Forum

    This two-day, multi-stakeholder forum will bring together the business community, government, innovators and NGOs. It aims to take a practical and realistic look at the steps business can take to improve practices and eradicate plastic pollution in the ocean. […]

  • Customer Empowerment in Finance | CGAP

    A growing number of financial tools like ApplePay and Venmo put choice and control in the hands of higher-income customers. Yet the concept of customer empowerment is rarely applied to the design of tools for poor people. CGAP's latest publication shares practical guidance on how to design financial solutions that give low-income customers what they want: choice, respect, voice and control. […]


    Local2030 is an innovative grassroots hub of networks and resources where UN agencies and external stakeholders working in collaboration can seek solutions and implement strategies to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. ​ Under the aegis of the Secretary General, it is an expansion of the Subnational Climate Action Hub that grew out of preparations for UNFCCC CoP21. Building on the Climate Action Hub concept, an idea was seeded to incubate local action across all 17 SDGs as it reaches out to include the furthest behind first. […]

  • ASEAN Economic Integration Brief (AEIB)

    The ASEAN Economic Integration Brief (AEIB) was released on 30 June 2017. The AEIB provides regular updates on ASEAN economic integration progress and outcomes. The launch of the AEIB demonstrates ASEAN’s continued communication and outreach efforts to raise stakeholder awareness of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). […]

  • The Tamarack Institute is a connected force for community change. Institute is a connected force for community change.

    The founder's hope was to create an institute that would deeply understand community change and would help organizations and citizens work better together for a collective impact. […]

  • PEGNet Policy Brief on Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areas

    The Policy Brief titled “Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areas" has been authored by Kerstin Nolte from the GIGA German Institute of Global Area and Kacana Sipangule from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. The authors argue that the recent rise in the interest for agricultural land in Africa has not only been driven by foreign investments but also by domestic investors and emerging medium - scale farmers. The authors then proceed to show that this interest in agricultural land may have adverse consequences on land pressure and land use competition […]

  • Practising Development shares research and knowledge among practitioners

    Practising Development aims to explore ideas, discuss issues and share learning around research, information and development. Managed by INASP Oxford. […]

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