Evidence Principles  |  Bond

The Bond Evidence Principles and checklist are for assessing and improving the quality of evidence in evaluation reports, research reports and case studies. They have been designed specifically for NGOs and can be used when commissioning, designing and reviewing evidence-based work. The principles help ensure that decisions about projects and

Understanding complexity | Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche hypes complexity management done in the Six Nations culture, where power was distributed but the roles were clear. There were specific roles for each of the member tribes, namely Wolves (Pathfinders); Turtles (Problem Formulators); Bears (Problem Solvers). Harold Jarche via Understanding complexity | Harold Jarche.

SID/Charney Survey: The State of Development Evaluation 2013

What’s s happening in development evaluation? How often do development projects include evaluation – and what kinds? How are evaluators chosen? How big are their budgets? How satisfactory are their results? To provide a snapshot of development evaluation today, the Society for International Development’s Washington Chapter partnered with Charney Research

Embrace all evaluation methods – can we end the debate? | Independent Evaluation Group

What matters to me more than who is right or wrong, is that we need to draw on each and every method to deepen our understanding of what happened, how and why. More: Embrace all evaluation methods – can we end the debate? | Independent Evaluation Group.

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German aid gets independent evaluation institute DEval

Berlin – Today German federal development minister Dirk Niebel and his State Secretary Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz have opened the new independent evaluation institute of the German developing cooperation with the name “DEval”. The independent evaluation institute DEval is owned by the Federal Government and has 38 staff based in Bonn. It

Methodological approaches to evaluating coherence

Learn to walk before you run? Discussion paper on methodological approaches to evaluating coherence in international cooperation. ECDPM by Niels Keijzer and Jorrit Oppewal. DP132_IOB coherence study final version_28062012.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt).

Addressing attribution of cause and effect in small n impact evaluations

Increased demand for results has resulted in a growth in large n impact evaluations involving tests of statistical significance between outcomes for treatment and comparison groups. However, this type of statistical analysis is not suitable for all evaluations. When there are insufficient units of assignment to conduct tests of statistical

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