Addressing attribution of cause and effect in small n impact evaluations

Increased demand for results has resulted in a growth in large n impact evaluations involving tests of statistical significance between outcomes for treatment and comparison groups. However, this type of statistical analysis is not suitable for all evaluations. When there are insufficient units of assignment to conduct tests of statistical

Weitzenegger’s Evaluation Resources Library

Search 120+ Evaluation Websites here with this search engine powered by Google. No more endless link lists and online library forms! I stuffed all contents related to evaluation in this search engine and let Google do the work. You can access all relevant online content on M&E for international cooperation

Monitoring and Evaluation Repository – Click4it

Click4it, UNITAR learning & training wiki, provides a knowledge base of terms, definitions, tools and methods, training techniques and guidelines. It is a repository of knowledge that aims to be a reference point in the field of training and learning. This section of the repository compiles scores of M&E-related terms

Are Evaluations Useful? A Review of the Literature on Knowledge and Decision-making

Are Evaluations Useful? A Review of the Literature on “Knowledge and Decision-making”. by Agence Française de Développement The use of evaluations to improve public policy-making is a central issue in a number of ongoing debates in the development aid sector, notably in connection with the drive to increase aid effectiveness