Does Business Training Work? | News, views, methods, and insights from the world of impact evaluation

What do we really know about how to build business capacity? A nice new paper by David McKenzie and Chris Woodruff takes a look at the evidence on business training programs – one of the more common tools used to build up small and medium enterprises. They do some work

Development Gateway Highlight: Business for the Environment

The human race is pushing our planet towards the edge of disaster by flooding land, sea, and air with pollution and by over use of our natural resources. These issues amount to one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. As the world explores alternative growth paths, new ways

Economic Partnership Agreements Negotiations: Where do we stand?

At a time when the pace of the EPA negotiations has increased in all regions, and the state of play is ever changing, accessing the latest information available on these wide-ranging agreements is of essence. Pursuing its efforts to increase the transparency of the highly sensitive EPA negotiations, ECDPM has

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2008 (WESP 2008)

According to WESP 2008, the world economy is facing serious challenges in sustaining the strong pace of economic growth seen over the past few years. While the baseline forecast is for world economic growth to moderate somewhat in 2008, the risks associated with the bursting of the housing bubble in

Poor families hit hardest by bribery, even in rich countries, finds new TI poll

Poor families are hit hardest by demands for bribes in developed as well as developing countries, according to Transparency international’s Global Corruption Barometer 2007. The public opinion survey, published today ahead of International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December, also found that citizens in countries across the globe continue to see

New Microinsurance Initiative from the ILO and GatesFoundation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently announced a new partnership to develop or improve insurance products to promote decent work for tens of millions of low-income people in the developing world. Over the course of the next three years, the facility will issue

IFC SME: Entrepreneurship Database

IFC SME: Entrepreneurship Database The 2007 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey measures entrepreneurial activity in 84 developing and industrial countries over the period 2003-2005. The database includes cross-country, time-series data on the number of total and newly registered businesses, collected directly from Registrar of Companies around the world. In its

PSD blog is looking for experimental research in entrepreneurship

PSD blog is looking for experimental research in entrepreneurship The 2007 World Bank Entrepreneuship Database finds significant relationships between entrepreneurial activity and the quality of the enabling environment. The bank and the Kauffman Foundation are now jointly offering funding of up to $35,000 for research projects that will study what

Northern Belize Economic Diversification Study

Northern Belize Economic Diversification Study We are currently in Belize to identify priority sectors offering economic diversification opportunities in the Districts of Corozal and Orange Walk as their economies adapt to change. We will recommend areas for required social and economic services/infrastructure and capacity building, and develop proposals for investments

World Bank calls for broader access to finance

Between 50 and 80 percent of adults in many developing countries have inadequate access to financial services, finds a new World Bank policy research report entitled “Finance for All? Policies and Pitfalls in Expanding Access”. According to the report, failure to provide more households and small and medium enterprises with

Accra Conference: Business environment reform: Syntheses, Conferences papers

Most of the Papers and Presentations from the Conference have now been posted to the Business Environment Working Group of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development. Of particular importance is the draft BE Donor Guidance, under b); your comments are invited at the dedicated blog at In due course,