Development ministers discuss future development policy, Sahel strategy

CTA – Brussels Office Weblog – Development ministers discuss future development policy, Sahel strategy. At the informal meeting member states discussed the European Commission’s green paper outlining the future trends of European development policy. The main idea is to coordinate the European Union’s support policies with the goals of sustainable

Office of Science & Technology – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Self-destructive of Innovation Policy:

Innovation has become the central driver of economic growth and thus a key focal point of countries’ economic development strategies as they seek to gain global competitive advantage. In fact, no fewer than three dozen countries have now created both national innovation agencies and strategies designed specifically to link science,

UNU-WIDER : Promoting Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: Policy Challenges

This policy brief provides some fresh perspectives on the relationship between entrepreneurship and development, and considers policy design issues. It reports on the UNU-WIDER two-year research project ‘Promoting Entrepreneurial Capacity’, which aimed to understand whether and how entrepreneurship matters for development, how it could derail development, how entrepreneurs function in

Weitzenegger’s Publication Review

New on entries Weitzenegger’s Publication Review Agricultural Diversification for the Poor – Guidelines for Practitioners. This World Bank study treats diversification as a differentiated form of agricultural development and recognizes its role to spur sustainable growth in the rural sector. The principle purpose of this study is to

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