International Financial Institutions Agree to Share Data

International Financial Institutions Agree to Share Data to Improve Development Outcomes and Lay the Groundwork for the Post-2015 Development Agenda WASHINGTON, April 22, 2013/ — Recognizing the power of information to shape better policies, guide development programs and increase accountability, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, along with leaders of six multilateral

Open Data in Development Aid

This European Public Sector Information Platform topic report focuses on the question of how improved access to and analysis of data can help increase transparency, accountability and effectiveness in development aid and development co-­‐operation. Development aid and co-­‐operation is a complex issue and subject to multiple in-­‐depth studies and research.

Using DevInfo Technology to Support Aid Effectiveness

Through the site at, visitors can download the DevInfo Initiative Response to Busan document, explore ways DevInfo technologies contribute to specific Busan objectives, and download details on DevInfo technology for aid coordination. The site also invites aid effectiveness specialists, private sector development partners, policy and decision makers, M&E specialists,

Better Information, Better Aid | AidInfo

GSDRC: display. What are the potential benefits of aid transparency? What information is needed and how could donors make this more accessible? Survey results indicate that improved transparency of aid information would contribute to faster poverty reduction by making aid more effective and accountable. Users of aid information need more