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Welcome to my Website! I offer consulting services for international development cooperation. I use this Website to enhance creativity, information sharing, and cooperation among people. In collaboration with our clients and local partners, we develop strategies and carry out measures that effectively and sustainably strengthen the economy, health, and cohesion of societies with the goal to improve people's lives.

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How you can benefit from this Website

This accessible Website gives you summary information on us and our experience. You can as well access many resources that are useful for working in international cooperation. Whenever we produce or find solutions for the international development cooperation, we add it here for you. We even give you a quite complete list of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation (DOCON). Many users return to find partners, competitors or employment. A very popular section as well is our collection of translation robots and other surprising Internet tools. If you are looking for grants, visit our collection of grant funding information. We monitor training and events related to economic development. We also review new publications and give you direct links to download them.

Of course you look for something special

Call now to think together about your specific requirements. Our clients come from all sectors, including development agencies, consulting companies, local and national government, higher and further education, the corporate sector, small and medium sized industries and the voluntary sector. What can we do for you?

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You can subscribe here to our free monthly Newsletter containing news on current policy and practical information on international economic development cooperation in English. Hit "Track changes" on the left to register for a free eMail update whenever a particular page is updated. German readers might wish to see the featured German bulletin published for the Society for International Development (SID), Hamburg Chapter.

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Use also the search engine to get around on this Website. If you are missing anything or have a recommendation, please contact us directly.

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