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Weitzenegger's Training Materials Report

Studying-Development.org is a voluntary initiative.
Find study and training courses in International Development and Humanitarian Aid. The site aims to help orientate those wishing to enter, or already active in Development and Humanitarian Aid. This course directory is international in scope and covers professional training, as well as university degree courses in the UK. Studying-Development.org is an initiative set up by a small group of former LSE development students.

Guidelines to Evaluate Social Performance
This ACCION InSight describes a framework that microfinance institutions can use to assess and report on their social performance. ACCION has applied this framework to analyze how six leading microfinance institutions adhere to these social performance criteria. The results of this application inform this InSight.

Promoting Pro-Poor growth: A Practical Guide to ex-ante Poverty Impact Assessment
Enabling poor women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth is critical to creating a path out of poverty and meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Yet without ex ante assessment of likely impacts, policies and programmes often fail to achieve the desired pro-poor impacts. To help donors and partner countries identify the consequences of their interventions, the DAC Network on Poverty Reduction (POVNET) has developed a modular, ex ante Poverty Impact Assessment (PIA) approach. This practical guide will help staff in development agencies and their partners to plan and execute PIA, and to interpret the findings it produces. OECD DAC Guidelines and Reference Series.

TrainEval - Training for Evaluation in Development in 2008.
TrainEval is an advanced training programme for evaluation in development cooperation, which has been adapted to the specific requirements of the European development cooperation and the EC evaluation approach.The programme has been developed from experienced trainers and evaluators to respond to the increasing demand for evaluation expertise and its professionalization. It is offering a qualification opportunity in development evaluation for consultants, project and evaluation managers of implementing agencies as well as for representatives from financing agencies.

Monitoring economic partnership agreements. a methodological overview
This InBrief by Southern African Regional Poverty Network presents a preliminary overview of some methodological issues linked to the design of a monitoring mechanism for the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states and the European Union (EU) countries. The authors conclude that there is no ready-made approach for monitoring EPA negotiations and implementation.

Jump start to the outcome oriented M&E System
The modular approach should be used for the M&E System (www.pacplan.com) where modules could be implemented as needed by organisation and situation and slowly progress to cover the entire organisationís Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System. It is important to note that the M&E System is the on-going progress measurement in the organisation. The original design of M&E System should allow for this modular approach where better approach and new technologies can be modularised and added on at a later stage.

OECD-DAC Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation. Arabic, English and French
Evaluation is a field where development partners work closely together and need to use a common technical vocabulary, despite widely differing linguistic backgrounds. Accordingly, the OECD-DAC Network on Development Evaluation has developed a glossary of key terms in evaluation and results-based management to help to clarify concepts and to promote consistent use of common terms in these areas. The glossary was originally published in 2002 in English, French and Spanish and has since been made available in Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Kiswahili, Turkish and Swedish. It has been very widely used and is now a standard reference. The present publication now offers the glossary in Arabic, in a trilingual format with English and French.

Local Economic Development Strategic Planning and Practice Casebook
As a practical product of the World Bank program, this LED Strategic Planning and Practice Casebook seeks to help the reader understand municipal approaches to LED strategic planning by identifying good practice in strategic planning methodology. The Casebook serves as a collection of six local economic development strategies that provide examples of good practice from across Europe and from the Cities of Change network. The Casebook also contains good practice notes and comments.

Resources for Improving Training Outcomes
Visit this World Bank site for free resources for training providers and donors, providing guidelines on training design, participant selection, targeting of training content to organizational needs and monitoring and evaluation of training.

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Trainetwork Postings

Manuals, Guides and Handbooks on Eldis

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