Giving a fair deal to the world’s 86 million migrant workers

Across the world, millions of people are on the move – doing jobs ranging from manual labour such as harvesting to high-skilled computer programming. Combined, their numbers with their dependents would equal the fifth most populous country on the planet. And their numbers are likely to increase, according to the ILO. Its Governing Body recently authorized the Director-General to publish its Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration, which is part of a Plan of Action for migrant workers agreed by ILO constituents at the International Labour Conference in 2004. Furthermore, an OSCE-IOM-ILO Handbook, which aims for better management of labour migration flows in countries of origin and destination, was launched today at the 14th OSCE Economic Forum in Prague. ILO Online spoke with Ibrahim Awad, Director of the ILO's International Migration Programme.