United Nations set new Norms and Standards for Evaluation

The updated UNEG Norms and Standards for Evaluation was endorsed at the 2016 AGM. It combines Norms and Standards into one document and responds to the evolving global, regional and national contexts, as well as the increasing demand for accountability and national ownership in evaluation.

The ten general norms should be upheld in the conduct of any evaluation; the four institutional norms should be reflected in the management and governance of evaluation functions. The associated standards support the implementation of these normative principles.

The updated Norms and Standards is now available on the UNEG website (www.unevaluation.org/2016-Norms-and-Standards) and will be printed and distributed to UNEG members, member states, executives in your organizations, UN country offices, and our partner organizations. We encourage colleagues in other cities and regions to disseminate this document to partners as well.