Our experts participate in all project phases or offer targeted advice – depending on specific requirements. In cooperation with employees in the head office, they support planned or ongoing projects with analyses, concepts, technical advice, training and coaching. They accompany change processes, evaluate actions taken and ensure that personnel and organizational resources are optimally used.


a) Programming

– Country and sector analyses
– Development policy consulting
– Policy and strategy development

b) Identification and Formulation

– Feasibility studies
– Project design
– Project proposals

c) Implementation

– Project management
– Backstopping
– Technical consulting
– Development and implementation of monitoring systems

d) Evaluation

– Project and program evaluations
– Country and sector evaluations
– Cross-sector evaluations
– Impact analyses and measurement

e) General Services

– Training and further education
– Workshop moderation
– Coaching and supervision
– Change management
– Organizational and human-resource development
– Capacity development

Our Code of Ethics binds us to:

  • sustainability of financial, technical and personnel investments,
  • local ownership of development projects and co-operation with capable partners,
  • social sensitivity and participation in project planning (culture, gender, religion, etc.),
  • professional ethics regarding quality, objectivity and fairness of our consulting services.