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Looking for a job in development cooperation? This Website gives you a list of professional opportunities around the world. Updated as you arrive. Click to get directly to the job notices. Here are also links to the relevant job market sites. We do this as a free service to the colleagues who contact us for finding jobs.

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International Development Job Sites

New entries

  1. Mission Talent Recruitment
  2. SinoJobs Das Jobportal für deutsch-chinesische Stellenanzeigen
  3. Dr. T's Job Links for Economists
  4. Stellen für Friedensfachkräfte weltweit ForumZFD
  5. DOCON Directory of Consulting Firms active in International Development Cooperation
  6. assortis.com
  7. Reuters AlertNet Job Search
  8. experiencedevelopment.org
  9. indevjobs.org
  10. cinfo.ch
  11. devjobsmail.com
  12. Dev-Zone Development Work database houses a range of development related jobs, volunteer positions and internships, contracts and consultancies
  13. Development Aid
  14. Google Group Development Cooperation
  15. Yahoo!Group ExpertsIndividuels
  16. Yahoo!Group ExpertFrancais
  17. jobrapido.de Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
  18. gtz.de
  19. OneGlobalExpert
  20. junge-ez.de Stellenbörse
  21. Zentrale Datenbank Internationaler Stellen- und Personalpool, by Auswärtigen Amtes, Germany
  22. Büro Führungskräfte zu Internationalen Organisationen (BFIO)
  23. entwicklungsdienst.de
  24. economist.com/classifieds/
  25. expatnetwork.com
  26. expats-network.org
  27. UNDP Jobs
  28. United Nations Human Resources Management
  29. International Civil Service Commission: Job Opportunities in the United Nations System
  30. Vacancy Announcements by International Organizations, by Italy
  31. Vacancies in International Organizations for young people, yy Italy
  32. Recruitment to the European Union Institutions
  33. Vacancies in International Organizations, by U.S. Department of State
  34. vacatureblad.org, by The Netherlands
  35. Vacancies in International Organisations
  36. International Internship/Traineeship programmes
  37. CareerBuilder
  38. ENLACE Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment
  39. GoConsultancy
  40. unjoblist.org by Sebastian Rottmair
  41. UNjobs a Swiss association
  42. Linda Aines's International Link
  43. The World Bank Jobs
  44. Inter-American Development Bank
  45. International Career Employment Weekly
  46. learningforsustainability.net
  47. European Voice
  48. EUROPA-KONTAKT Arbeiten bei Europa
  49. getjobs.net
  50. Wiener Zeitung EU-Jobs
  51. Société Française de l'Evalutation
  52. Société Wallonne de l’Evaluation et de la Prospective
  53. South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association
  54. MandE NEWS - Jobs Forum Monitoring & Evaluation Jobs
  55. IDEAS International Development Evaluation Opportunities
  56. EES European Evaluation Jobs
  57. Interational Evaluation Opportunities
  58. Vacis Vacatureblad Internationale Samenwerking
  59. WSE International Development Jobs
  60. The Communication Initiative Network Vacancy Listing
  61. Islamic Relief International Development Jobs
  62. Jobs international

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