Completed Assignments of Karsten Weitzenegger

  • Palestine territories, 2014, Evaluation of Social Accountability Pilot Interventions, Youth Create Change Programme, Local Governance and Civil Society Development Programme (LGP 3). GIZ, Office Ramallah, BMZ financed.
  • Germany, 2014, Review of the Global Partnership Programme (PGP) that enables dialogue and new forms of cooperation on specific global issues ranging from social security to biodiversity to financial sector stability and market conduct. Team Leader of the Project Progress Review (PFK), GIZ FGE Globale Partnerschaften, BMZ contribution 12,0 mn €.
  • Jordan, 2013, Evaluation of the Socio-political Consultation Program 2003-2013 regarding relevance, effectiveness, impact, sustainability and strategy with the Amman office team and key partners. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.
  • Southern Africa, 2012, 2013, Capacity Building and Project Coaching for participates from

  • Southern African (SADC) countries. International Leadership Training “Innovative Regional Economic Development & Trade Promotion” GIZ, Applicatio, financed by the German BMZ.
  • Central America, 2012-2014, Design and implementation of the program ‘ Development of entrepreneurial skills in the professional training of young people in social disadvantage’ with 20 delegates from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Creation of Foro Emprendedurismo para jóvenes en desventaja social Network. German cooperation with the Central American Integration System SICA financed by BMZ. GIZ Akademie für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Mannheim.
  • Jordan, 2012, Final Evaluation of “Support to Regulatory Reform and Privatisation in infrastructure (SRRP). Contracted by Lambard Consultants for EU Delegation Amman. Financed by European Commission ENPI (20.0 mn. EUR).
  • Germany, 2009-2014, Steering and management of expert services in the Department for Human Rights and Governance. Participation in the Governance Working Gruop of the consulting industry and GIZ. Knowledge Management for the expert community. Contracted by AGEG Consultants eG.
  • Central America, 2011, Evaluation of the Capacity Development Programme “Policy coherence for a sustainable energy policy” in Central America, Colombia and Mexico. Assessment of the effects and impact of the programme and recommendations for future human capacity development, regional cooperation in the energy sector. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GIZ. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Brazil, Colombia, 2011, Evaluation on the International Leadership Training (ILT) on Sustainable Management in Latin America, Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GIZ. Financed by German BMZ (1,9 mn EUR).
  • South Africa, 2011, Evaluation of development impacts of the Youth Exchange Programme “Go Africa . . . Go Germany” of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GIZ. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Jordan, 2010, Regional Dialogue and Capacity Building on the Economic Reforms in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Preparing and delivering a Regional Workshop on Project Monitoring and Evaluation for 24 public sector managers. Contracted by Ramboll for InWEnt. Financed by German BMZ.
  • West Africa, 2010, Strengthening ECOWAS Institutional Capacity through Strategic Management Advice and Technical Expertise. External Monitor for the Project Progress Review. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GTZ. Financed by German BMZ (5.8 mn EUR).
  • Uruguay, 2009, Uruguay INTEGRA Sector Assistance Programme for Social and Territorial Cohesion, DCI/ALA/2007/19009. External Monitoring as part ot the Programme of External Aid of the European Commission to Latin America. Contracted by Eptisa for for EuropeAid. Financed by European Commission (12 mn EUR).
  • Argentina, 2009, Programme for Social Dialogue and Employment in Latin America, Component: Employment creation in self-managed enterprises and labour cooperatives. Final Evaluation. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for DGB Bildungswerk. Financed by German BMZ (1.4 mn EUR).
  • Uruguay, 2008, Programme for Social Dialogue and Employment in Latin America, Component: Labour Market and Wages System Capacity Building. Final Evaluation. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for DGB Bildungswerk. Financed by German BMZGerman BMZ-contribution 1.0 mn Euro.
  • Mexico, 2008, Programme for Social Dialogue and Employment in Latin America, Component: Female Labour and Globalisation, Final Evaluation. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for DGB Bildungswerk. Financed by German BMZGerman BMZ-contribution 1.6 mn Euro.
  • Belize, 2008, Identification of priority sectors offering economic diversification opportunities in the Districts of Corozal and Orange Walk in Northern Belize Framework Contract EUROPEAID/119860/C/SV/multi Lot 10 N° 2007/145909. Services Rendered: Small and Medium Business Identification of employment and business strategies for the districts. Contracted by AGEG Consultantsfor Transtec/SEQUA. Financed by European Commission.
  • Brazil, 2007, Capacity Building for trade unions and other labour market experts in workers’ rights and social standards. Services Rendered: Final Evaluation Contracted by AGEG Consultants for DGB Bildungswerk. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Turkey, 2007, to SPO to build Capacity at Central, Regional and Local Level to Implement Economic and Social Cohesion Measures in Line with the pNDP, Project no: TR 0405. 01. Capacity Improvement in the Field of Economic and Social Cohesion (ESC), Component: Support for the effective implementation of ESC measures. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GTZ IS. Financed by European Commission.
  • Afghanistan, 2007, Training and Coaching of Emergent Leaders, Civil Service Leadership Development, IARCSC/UNDP Civil Service Development Programme. Design and implementation of the training and coaching programme, holding workshops for training of local trainers. Contracted by Applicatio for InWEnt. Financed by United Nations Development Programme.
  • Equatorial Guinea, 2006, Preparatory Study for the 10th European Development Fund. Strategies for economic development, business environment, external commerce, and regional integration. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for Asesores de Comercio Exterior. Financed by European Development Fund.
  • Andean Community, 2005, Andean Community Regional Technical Assistance related to Commerce project (ATRC), Delivering workshops on eCommerce and information society for Government managers in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for ARCA. Financed by European Commission, Comunidad Andina de Naciones.
  • Suriname, 2005, Final Evaluation of the Micro Projects Programme II (8 ACP SUR 003), EDF-contribution: 5. 0 mn EUR. The project purpose was to improve the socio-economic condition of vulnerable groups of the population through the development of sustainable and participatory self-help schemes. The institutional strengthening of civil society organizations was fundamental to reach a large number of communities and deliver micro-projects effectively. Contracted by Euronet Consulting for EU Delegation Paramaribo. Financed by European Development Fund.
  • Guyana, 2004, Mid-Term Evaluation of the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP). Recommendation concerning how to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the project. Contracted by ECODES Consortium for EU Delegation Georgetown. Financed by European Development Fund (12.5 mn EUR).
  • Philippines, 2003, Siquijor Integrated Resource Management Project (SIRMAP). Recommendations for local economic development for the tourisms-related industry. Activation of Diaspora community. Contracted by AGEG for GTZ Manila. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Dominican Republic, 2001-2003 , Steering and coordination of the cooperation of the SME Confederation of the Dominican Republic and the German Confederation of Small Business and Skilled Crafts (ZDH) as project partners. Contracted by GFA for SEQUA. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Malaysia, 2000, Monitoring and evaluation Training for the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Contracted by INTEGRATION for Asian Development Bank. Financed by Government of Malaysia.
  • Moldova, 1999, Workshop on competitiveness and country marketing. Training and institutional capacity building. Beneficiary: Procomert Centrul Austro-German Business Centre. Contracted by INTEGRATION for GTZ. Financed by German BMZ.
  • São Tomé & Príncipe, 1994-1996, Contract management and supervision of the UNDP-financed Country Programme. Management of the component for economic transition planning and administrative reform. Contracted by United Nations Development Programme Financed by German BMZ.

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