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teamGLOBAL 2020 – The world is what you make out of it!

In Germany, teamGLOBAL is a participative and open network of young people and young adults between 16 and 27 years. It offers educational actions on the topic of globalization for young people. The aim is to work together with young people to find out where they encounter globalization in their everyday lives and what options there are for taking action to respond to this development. Visit them at

After observing the founders of teamGLOBAL for a while, I volunteer since 2015 to serve on the advisory board of this initiative as their private sector link.

While having strong institutional foundation and parterships, teamGLOBAL stays a youth-led initiative. They mobilize the power of peer-to-peer learning of diverse people in the crucial age between 16 and 27 years.

I did not need to raise commitment for the SDGs there, as these young people surprise me again and again with their natural and fresh approach to just doing the right things their way. teamGLOBAL activists translate the Global Goals into daily life issues of their generation, using their own inspiration and thinking.

teamGLOBAL keeps a professional dedication to knowledge transfer on global challenges, systemic long-term thinking, and responsible actions. By connecting as peers, young people feel how they can shape their future. The SDG interlink these activities, but they become strong personal issues when changing things. I witnessed at several teamGLOBAL activities how learning leads to behavior change. This is really an innovation we need for social transformation.

teamGLOBAL maintains its participative youth leadership and has proven to be dynamic and scalable. Most amazingly, the coverage of actions has reached quite remote places and unusual audiences. However, the work depends on funding. Most of the work is carried out voluntarily. These young activists will stay committed throughout life.

I recommend teamGLOBAL getting more globally connected to the UN SDG Action Campagin. They are one of the few initiatives in Germany that link excellence in Civic Education with Education for Sustainable Development. This can be valuable to the Campaign. The initiative itself will benefit from being recognized globally, as this confirms their identity and promotes their networking with international peers.