Completed Assignments of Karsten Weitzenegger

  • Jordan, 2012, Final Evaluation of “Support to Regulatory Reform and Privatisation in infrastructure (SRRP). Contracted by Lambard Consultants for EU Delegation Amman. Financed by European Commission ENPI (20.0 mn. EUR).
  • Jordan, 2010, Regional Dialogue and Capacity Building on the Economic Reforms in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Preparing and delivering a Regional Workshop on Project Monitoring and Evaluation for 24 public sector managers. Contracted by Ramboll for InWEnt. Financed by German BMZ.
  • LDCs, 2010, Investing in People: Promoting Social Cohesion, Employment and Decent Work. Services Rendered: Assessment of 60 Concept Notes and 10 Full Applications for the Call for Proposals “Support for social inclusion and social protection of workers in the informal economy and of vulnerable groups at community level” Contracted by Agriconsulting for EuropeAid. Financed by European Commission.
  • Turkey, 2007, to SPO to build Capacity at Central, Regional and Local Level to Implement Economic and Social Cohesion Measures in Line with the pNDP, Project no: TR 0405. 01. Capacity Improvement in the Field of Economic and Social Cohesion (ESC), Component: Support for the effective implementation of ESC measures. Contracted by AGEG Consultants for GTZ IS. Financed by European Commission.
  • Afghanistan, 2007, Training and Coaching of Emergent Leaders, Civil Service Leadership Development, IARCSC/UNDP Civil Service Development Programme. Design and implementation of the training and coaching programme, holding workshops for training of local trainers. Contracted by Applicatio for InWEnt. Financed by United Nations Development Programme.
  • Kazakhstan, 2004, Information Management Workshops for staff and trainers of SME support organizations in six regions. Beneficiary: GTZ-Programme for Economic Promotion PREKO, Kostanai Contracted by AGEG for GTZ. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Philippines, 2003, Siquijor Integrated Resource Management Project (SIRMAP). Recommendations for local economic development for the tourisms-related industry. Activation of Diaspora community. Contracted by AGEG for GTZ Manila. Financed by German BMZ.
  • Malaysia, 2000, Monitoring and evaluation Training for the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Contracted by INTEGRATION for Asian Development Bank. Financed by Government of Malaysia.
  • Sri Lanka, 1999, Concept and HRD for an Internet-supported network of BDS-facilitators. Sri Lanka-German CEFE Program. Contracted by INTEGRATION for GTZ. Financed by German BMZ.