International Development Libraries

Search the leading development research institutes and libraries here with one query. The Development Research Crawler is a customised Google search engine that searches over 40 related websites and weblogs.



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The EADI Portal standard search engine relies on all EADI member institutes. With one request you can scan the collective websites of all these organisations.

The EDN (EINIRAS Database Network) is a virtual Pan-European system of databases for international relations and area studies.

Focuss.Info is a collaborative platform supported by more than 40 global, national and regional institutions and more than 30 individuals who are all promoting the newest ICT skills in the domain of global development research and studies.

EL@ND provides a single search to 11 catalogues of development information. It has multilingual support to retrieve articles in resources catalogued throughout Europe.

Search the Area Studies Virtual Libraries at Columbia University

Research Literature for the South
HINARI, INASP PERI and other programs provide free or low cost access to the scholarly literature for researchers in developing countries.

Open Access Publishing Initiatives
Open access publishing promotes access to academic journals and is made possible through innovations in information and communication technologies. Global access to scholarly literature benefits researchers all over the world, and is supported and facilitated by a number of initiatives, advocacy groups, and foundations.

IDRC Digital Library
The IDRC Digital Library provides the international research community with access to a current and comprehensive collection of research results and documents generated by IDRC-funded projects, IDRC funding recipients, and IDRC staff about a wide range of subjects related to international development.

General Library Gateways

Karlsruher Virtual Catalog KVK
This service of the Karlsruhe Univeristy Library provides access to more than 75 million books and serials in library and booktrade catalogues

BUBL Link Catalogue
Internet subject searching
This handy subject guide to internet resources features abstract and catalogue record for each item, and links that are verified on a regular basis.

The European Library
The European Library webservice is a portal which offers free access to the combined resources of the 45 national
libraries of Europe. Highly recommended.

OCLC WorldCat
This worldwide catalogue includes more than one billion items in more than 10,000 libraries. Highly recommended.

European Commission Libraries Catalogue ECLAS
This is the European Commission Union Catalogue referencing holdings of
a network of libraries. Material on European integration can be found

World Affairs Online Database
Updated regularly, this is one of the largest bibliographical databases on social sciences in Europe, with more than 800,000 references to articles / chapters from periodicals and books, monographs, reports, and official publications.

Libweb Library Servers via WWW
This website provides access to libraries in more than 70 countries worldwide.

LibDex The Library Index
A geographical index with links to world libraries, a library-type index, a link to telnet libraries via HYTELNET can all be found here.

Media Research Hub Resource Database
A community-maintained field mapping tool for researchers, policymakers, activists, and advocates working on the social dimensions of media, communications, and technology.