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Germany to support developing countries in the World Trade Organization #WTO

Germany is expanding its trade policy support for developing countries. The Federal Government has decided this today. Developing countries need support in particular when it comes to implementing the legal requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This applies, for example, to dispute settlement procedures where two countries are divided on whether WTO law has been respected. Here the developing countries receive support from the “Advisory Center on WTO Law“. Germany is now intensifying its commitment to this organization.

Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller: “We are taking another step towards making the WTO a fair trade organization. We are strengthening the position of the developing countries so that they can share their rights.”

With the decision of the Federal Cabinet, Germany now wants to become an associate member of the Advisory Center on WTO Law. Germany is thus implementing an important element of the partnership with Africa, which the G20 agreed under the German Presidency this year.

Developing countries often lack the capacities to assert their rights in the WTO. This is where the Advisory Center on WTO Law is set up and strengthens the developing countries in WTO legal questions.

The Advisory Center on WTO Law was founded on the margins of the 1999 World Trade Conference. It is independent of the World Trade Organization and provides legal assistance to developing countries in WTO dispute settlement procedures. It also advises them in WTO legal affairs and organizes courses in WTO law. Currently, the Center is actively involved in 16 dispute settlement procedures. It is a recognized good and cost-effective service provider for developing countries.

As in the case of every industrialized country, the associated status of Germany is about € 370,000 per year for a period of five years.

Source: BMZ. http://www.bmz.de/20170830-1