Karsten Weitzenegger Consulting

Karsten Weitzenegger provides consulting, training and evaluation services for governance and economic development activities.

I support private and public organisations to reach sustainable results of their actions and strategies. My scientific and managerial services combine policy advice with practical skills and methods. I want to use my experience from more than 30 countries to promote positive lasting change globally.

This Website is becoming a popular knowledge portal for international cooperation practitioners. It aims at facilitating access to relevant information and peer to peer knowledge exchange.

Welcome to my Website! My name is Karsten Weitzenegger and this site is primarily a resource for the global learning community for international development cooperation. Users are active professionals in more than 80 countries. I offer my consulting services for international development agencies and their partners and trust on sharing knowledge in my network. In my opinion, the future we want must be based on values, knowledge and dialogue. You can learn more about me here and my services here. As consultants, we promote pro-poor development with a cross-sectoral approach transferring knowledge and practice from academia and the private sector to development cooperation. In collaboration with our clients and local partners, we develop strategies and carry out measures that effectively and sustainably strengthen the economy and cohesion of societies with the goal to improve people’s lives.

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How you can benefit from this Website

This accessible Website gives you some information on my experience and the services I offer together with partner consultants. There are references on my work on governance, economic development, evaluation and capacity building done in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

My Website offers you some customised search engines related to international cooperation and development. The results come from carefully selected sites, which have proven excellence in their specific field. There is also a selection of international business tools, which you might need when linking across borders.

I love to enhance creativity, information sharing, and cooperation among people. Whenever I produce or find solutions for the international development cooperation, I add it here for my network.

This Website is becoming a knowledge portal used by international cooperation practitioners. You can as well access many resources that are useful for working in international cooperation. Be part of my network be registering on this site and joining me on social networks.

Of course you look for something special

Call now to think together about your specific requirements. Our clients and project partners come from all sectors, including development agencies, consulting companies, local and national government, higher and further education, the corporate sector, small and medium sized industries and the voluntary sector. What can we do for you?

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