Karsten as beekeeper

Season’s Greetings from Earth ❤

I wish you peaceful holidays and a good start into a better New Year!

For the contemplative time between the years I recommend the Swiss website FILMS for the EARTH. It presents films that show how life on earth is connected.

Because I’ve lost my bee colonies this year, the film More Than Honey, which traces our lives with the honeybees, is especially close to my mind.

Here is the full version of this beautiful movie. You can select subtitles in you language.

Best regards

More Than Honey a documentary by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof, is looking into the fascinating world of bees, showing small family beekeepers and industrialized honey farms. MORE THAN HONEY is a film on the relationship between mankind and honeybees, about nature and about our future. Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth, that crises and disasters are triggering evolution and that salvation sometimes comes from a completely unexpected direction.