New EES Evaluation Capabilities Framework for the conduct of quality evaluation


This is the new Evaluation Capabilities Framework prepared by one of the Working Groups within the European Evaluation Society (EES).

The development of such document is particularly timely as it is likely to foster some interesting debates and hopefully promote further collaboration with professional evaluation associations in other countries and regions. Just a few days ago a group of colleagues held an online discussion on this topic and mentioned, among others, the List of evaluator competencies developed by the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS).


The pursuit of evaluation quality beyond the application of ethical guidelines, standards and codes underlies the need for an agreed capabilities framework. As evaluation commissioners, practitioners and clients became increasingly conscious of the public interest dimension of the evaluation discipline they became more demanding about evaluation quality and more discerning regarding the qualifi cations needed to practice evaluation.

Strengthening a sense of identity among evaluators is another critical dimension highlighted by EES survey respondents. Finally accountability considerations help explain the imperative of reaching a workable consensus about evaluator capabilities. Evaluators have a responsibility to society and to one another to deliver value to their clients and the society. For all these reasons an agreed capabilities framework is now widely perceived as a key pillar of evaluation professionalism.


Thanks to Michele Tarsilla, Twitter: MiEval_TuEval