Economic Development


Only broad and sustainable economic growth creates opportunities for employment that can move large sections of the population out of poverty. Organisations that provide poor women and men with access to education and capital are enabling them to contribute toward growth and to benefit from it. Free market access and legal security, as well as modern communication and transport infrastructures, are prerequisites for a good business climate and thus for international competitiveness of developing and transition countries. At the same time, industrial countries can help to overcome world poverty by respecting fair trade conditions and social and ecological standards.

We promote economic development in a range of different areas. In many cases, reforms in the financial sector are necessary to establish transparency for investors, or to provide underprivileged individuals and small businesses with funding in form of microcredit. Our consulting services are focused on supporting small and medium enterprises. We design vocational education systems that provide young persons with skills and professional qualifications which increase their employability. We involve chambers and associations in our work to enable companies to learn from each other and to find efficient ways for the division of labour.

What we can do for you

We advise and support:

  • Development of international trade agreements
  • Economic reforms, financial policy and tax legislation
  • Municipal and regional economic structures
  • Poverty-oriented analysis of financial systems
  • Development and introduction of microfinance systems
  • Development of professional vocational education systems
  • Marketing of quality standards
  • Usage of information and communication technology
  • Ex-ante assessment of the effects of poverty
  • Project management and impact monitoring