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Search the most relevant resources for capacity development here with a query for your keywords. The customised Google search concentrates on well selected Websites, libraries, blogs and newsletters. We offer some more search engines alike.

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Development Research Crawler
Search the leading development research institutes and libraries here with one query. The Development Research Crawler is a customised Google search engine that searches over 40 related websites and weblogs.

Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
Coordinated by the World Bank, the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) is a partnership of over 120 recognized global institutions (Affiliates) in over 80 countries that collaborates in the design of customized learning solutions for individuals and organizations working in development.

The Impact Alliance
International network committed to strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations to generate deep impact within the communities they serve. We assist our members and clients to improve the quality, sustainability and scale of their activities through facilitating peer knowledge exchange, networked learning initiatives and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Since 2002, the Impact Alliance has cultivated a membership network of over 150 organizations and 3,000 individual practitioners, two-thirds from middle and lower-income countries.

The Click4it wiki is a knowledge base repository of training methods, tools, materials, definitions, resources, and toolkits. It results from extensive work, encompassing planning, mapping, analysis, structuring, and synthesizing content for publishing.

Resource Alliance
This London-bnased netzwork enables voluntary sector organisations worldwide to build their capacity to mobilise support for their causes.

Focusing on knowledge production, LogoLink works to systematize, analyze, debate and diffuse the knowledge arising from field-based innovations and expressions of democracy in local governance.

Kabissa represents a vision to empower grassroots organizations in Africa to take control over their own means of communication.

SDC Learning and Networking

Knowledge management, networking and a culture of learning are instruments of SDC to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Swiss international cooperation.