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ACP Cultures

First support programme to ACP cultural industries identified in the framework of the ACP-EU cooperation. It is open to the 79 countries of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, and to the European Union Member States in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement and the 9th European Development Fund (EDF).

ACP Cultural Observatory

The Resource Centre of the ACP Cultural Observatory offers a range of studies and reference documents on cultural industries in ACP countries grouped by themes and by regions.


This Belgian-based non-profit organisationis a strong proponent of culture as a motor for sustainable human development. Africalia has been building experience in "culture and development" for the past decade and made it its core business.

African Colours

African Colours works towards a viable contemporary African art scene that is internationally recognised and technologically savvy.

AfriGadget – Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity

AfriGadget is a website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity. A team of bloggers and readers contribute their pictures, videos and stories from around the continent. The stories of innovation are inspiring. It is a testament to Africans bending the little they have to their will, using creativity to overcome life’s challenges.

Anna Lindh Foundation

The Foundation brings people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures. Since its launch in 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched and supported action across fields impacting on mutual perceptions among people of different cultures and beliefs, as well as developing a region-wide Network of over 3000 civil society organisations.

ARPEM – Appui au réseau ouestafricain de pépinières d`entreprises de la filière musique

Lancé en octobre 2009 par Culture et développement, le programme ARPEM est mis en œuvre dans trois métropoles ouest-africaines (Abidjan, Ouagadougou et Dakar) dans une perspective de développement économique local.

Art for Humanity (South Africa)

Art for Humanity is based in Durban, South Africa. It specialises in producing fine art print portfolios, exhibitions, billboards and research projects that advocate various human rights issues in South Africa and internationally.

Art Moves Africa (AMA)

Art Works for Change

This US-based NGO produces contemporary art exhibitions to address social and environmental issues such as social justice, human rights, gender equity, and environmental sustainability.


ArtCorps is a dynamic social enterprise using the arts to advance social change in developing countries. ArtCorps works to advance social change initiatives by promoting arts and culture as tools for development.

Arte Acción, Honduras

Honduran association that organizes socio-cultural activities for children and young adults in Copán Ruinas.

Arterial Network

The Arterial Network started as a dynamic, continent-wide network of non-government organisations, creative industry companies, festivals and individual artists engaged in the African creative sector at a conference – Revitalising Africa’s Cultural Assets – on Goree Island, March 2007.

Arts For Global Development, Inc. [Art4Development.Net]

is an international volunteer based initiative with a purpose of furthering interdisciplinary, multisectoral, cross-cultural and creative approach in social change, and facilitating creative sector and stakeholders of development together empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women. The main reason behind creating ‘Arts for Global Development’ concept lies in the will to attain development as well as the love for arts and the belief in its power in our everyday lives making a positive difference.

Arts Rights Justice

The International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights & Social Justice wants to strengthen and develop existing projects committed to the arts, human rights and social justice; and actively lobby for defined objectives and opportunities jointly or individually identified by coalition members.

banglanatak dot com

Social enterprise in India working at grass roots with a mission to foster pro-poor growth and safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. The organisation uses culture based approach for development and community skill empowerment

Building Capacity Through Arts

Caja Lúdica, Guatemala

Contribuye a la cohesión social y al ejercicio respetuoso y solidario de la diversidad cultural a través de procesos de formación integral dirigidos a revalorizar el juego y la cultura como elementos dinamizadores y transformadores de individuos, grupos y comunidades para la promoción y práctica de los derechos humanos y la recuperación de la confianza, la convivencia, el respeto a la vida y a la naturaleza.

C-Change – Communications for Change

USAID’s C-Picks E-Magazine focuses on social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) to address issues and challenges in health and the environment.


CIRCULART es una herramienta web desarrollada como parte del proyecto Plataformas Exportadoras de Artes Escénicas y Musicales 2008 liderada por Redlat – Red de Promotores Culturales de América Latina y El Caribe

Commonwealth Foundation

Commonwealth Foundation strengthens civil society organisations across the Commonwealth as they promote democracy, advance sustainable development and foster inter-cultural understanding.

Communication Initiative Network

Where communication and media are central to social and economic development

Conference »radius of art«

Creative politicization of the public sphere. Cultural potentials for social transformation.


The international who’s who of cultural policy, planning and research. It is an online database that contains profiles of experts in cultural policy.


A unique virtual think-tank exploring the intersection of the arts with a wide range of topics including politics, economics, philanthropy, leadership, research and urban planning. Createquity Arts Policy Library has two important goals: first, to bring greater attention to important ongoing work in the field of arts research; and second, to synthesise (not just summarise) it for the audience.

Critical Exposure Gallery

Critical Exposure teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change.

Cultural Profiles

Culture and Creativity, Vectors for Development

It is time for a new approach to culture in the European development strategy. It is time for culture to catch up and claim its rightful place as a priority in the development agenda. The objective of this site is to gather and present all the available information, opinions and documents on the efforts of the Commission and the European Union, as well as the efforts of professionals of member states and partner states, in order to better recognise and acknowledge the role of culture in development policies.

Online platform that connects the people of Asia and Europe through Arts and Culture. is a portal initiated by the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and managed by the Cultural Exchange Department at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF).

Culturelink Network

Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development

Doen Foundation

The DOEN Foundations ambition is to help build a sustainable world in which everyone can participate. DOEN promotes people and enterprises that take the lead in the field of sustainable, cultural and social innovation.

Eastern Cape Communication Forum (ECCF)

The ECCF initially operated as an informal forum with the main objective of improving communication between local and provincial government, local media organisations and civil society organisations.

Eastern Partnership Culture Programme funded by the European Union

This Programme provides support to civil society and public institutions of the region’s cultural sector, and reinforcement of industries in the sector.


Ecoartnetwork works within communities to: focus attention on interrelationships in ecological systems; create artworks that employ natural materials, or engage with environmental forces; reclaim, restore, and remediate damaged environments.


Eldis Ressources on culture and development

Eldis aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research, as well on culture.


European External Action Service (EEAS), EU Delegations


Website of the European Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs

Website of European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Štefan Füle:

More on the new IPA

Website of the ENP

Thematic programme ‘Non-state actors and local authorities in development’

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

European Commission, Information page: Culture and creativity. Vectors for development.

This site gathers and presents all the available information, opinions and documents on the efforts of the Commission and the European Union, as well as the efforts of professionals of member states and partner states.

European Development Cooperation Strengthening Programme (EDCSP)

This ODI site has been established to support the debate on EU institutional and policy change by building an infrastructure of knowledge, contacts and information on EU development cooperation.

GIZ – Culture and Development

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

GIZ – Im Detail: Kultur und Entwicklung

Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity

The Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity fosters partnerships between public, private and civil society actors in cultural industries in developing countries.


The aim of the international platform is to help make the variety of artistic contributions on the subject of climate change visible and in so doing to set in motion an international exchange.

IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts

Ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.

Ifa-Dossier „Kultur und Entwicklung“

IFFACA – The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies

La Fundación para el Periodismo, Bolivia

La Fundación promueve la construcción de ciudadanía y la práctica de un periodismo de calidad a través de la formación de nuevos profesionales, capacitación de periodistas en ejercicio y la reflexión sobre temas inherentes a la profesión, la sociedad y los derechos humanos.

Platform for cultural cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Find Ideas. Find People. Find Money. Find Events. Find Debates. One website, 50 countries, 6 languages.

Le Cartel – Réseau théâtre au Burkina Faso

Linking Culture, Education and Sustainability: Good Practices from Around the World

UNESCO and University of Gloucestershire offer this site.

Mimeta – Centre for Culture and Development –

Mimeta focuses on supporting the service providers to The Arts and Creative Sectors in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It aims to strengthen structures through organization, information and advocacy, through platforms and mobility and through the development of creative economies.

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa

OCPA, the Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa, is an independent pan-African non-governmental organisation aiming to enhance the development of national cultural policies in the region and their integration in human development strategies through advocacy and promoting information exchange, research, capacity building and cooperation at the regional and international level.

Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development Culture and development section

The Prince Claus Fund’s mission is to actively seek cultural collaborations founded on equality and trust, with partners of excellence, in spaces where resources and opportunities for cultural expression, creative production and research are limited and cultural heritage is threatened.

Red Latinoamericana de Arte para la transformación Social

Red Latinoamericana de Arte para la Transformación Social was founded by 24 artistic, cultural and social organizations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Peru that for the last twenty years have been developing artistic quality practices – through music, danza, theatre, circus, visual arts – in contexts of poverty and social exclusion, with the objective of installing effective citizenship, consciousness of human right, multicultural dialogue and social equity.

Red Latinoamericana de Arte para la Transformación Social

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders has established partnerships with 18 local NGOs that specialize in defending the freedom to report news and information.

Réseau africaadapt_production

africaadapt_production est un réseau qui facilite le partage de connaissances sur l’adaptation au changement climatique en Afrique. Il vise à améliorer les conditions de subsistance des communautés les plus vulnérables en encourageant la collaboration entre les chercheurs, les décideurs politiques, la société civile et communautés locales.

Réseau Culture Haïti

Reséau Maboké – Théâtre en Afrique centrale

Rockefeller Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center

The Bellagio Center promotes innovation and identify impact-oriented solutions to critical global problems.

Search for Common Ground

SFCG is an international conflict transformation and peacebuilding NGO seeking to transform adversarial conflict into cooperative action.

Southern African Development Community (SADC), Centre of Communication for Development:

South-North Network Cultures & Development

The Network addresses the essential role of cultural dynamics within society. Published the journal ‘Cultures and Development’.

Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries

This UNESCO expert facility project is funded by the European Union and contributes to the implementation of the 2005 Convention. It aims to strengthen the system of governance for culture in developing countries and reinforce the role of culture as a vector for sustainable development and poverty reduction.


One chance the South has of asserting itself and reaching an equal footing with the rest of the world is through its culture. That is why artists, festivals and cultural operators need the necessary information, visibility, promotions, networking, and cultural product circulation tools. Sudplanete is already a rich, multilingual database that lists nearly 22391 artists, 23510 cultural events, 6030 professional organizations, 3 500 venues, 12065 films, 10336 books, 2067 albums, 800 shows, etc.

Tebtebba Foundation, Philippines

Tebtebba (Indigenous Peoples’ International Centre for Policy Research and Education) is an indigenous peoples’ organisation born out of the need for heightened advocacy to have the rights of indigenous peoples recognised, respected and protected worldwide.

The Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS)

The Centre for the Study of Culture and Society is engaged in developing new approaches and understandings to the study of culture in India. The CSCS aims to function as a site for interdisciplinary teaching and research spanning the humanities and social sciences.

The Inter-American Culture and Development Foundation (ICDF)

Founded at the initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in 2005, the ICDF helps cultural organizations become more competitive and sustainable through programs and projects that help reduce poverty, improve quality of life, and increase social equality in the region.

The MDG Achievement Fund

The Fund focuses on cultural rights, social inclusion and increasing the cultural heritage and tourism potential of country’s with the aim of reducing poverty, increasing employment and improving socio-economic opportunities for the marginalized segments of the population.

The Pacific Arts Alliance

The power of culture "Culture is room for development"

A website from the Netherlands that offers a variety of resources primarily on the relationship between the expressive aspects of culture and development.

The United Cultures for Development (UCD)

Network made up by Mundial Productions (Netherlands) of cultural and development organisations from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe whose goal is to enhance sustainability of partner organisations through cultural and social entrepreneurship as well as professionalism of the sector.

Theatre Embassy, Amsterdam

Theatre Embassy initializes theatre projects all over the world.

Theatre Without Borders (TWB)

Informal network of international theatre artists, performers and organizations interested in international exchange.

UNESCO Culture and Creative Industries around the World

This site is a unique gateway to online resources on the culture and creative industries around the world.

UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite

The UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite is a pioneering research and advocacy initiative that aims to establish a set of indicators highlighting how culture contributes to development at national level fostering economic growth, and helping individuals and communities to expand their life choices and adapt to change.

UNESCO Knowledge Bank

on the Cultural and Creative Industries

This site is a unique gateway to online resources on the cultural and creative industries around the world.

UNESCO Knowledge Bank on the Cultural and Creative Industries

This site is a unique gateway to online resources on the cultural and creative industries around the world.

UNESCOs Portal for Rio+20

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 20-22 June 2012, offers the world a unique chance to advance sustainable development.

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

WIPO is responsible for the promotion of the protection of intellectual property throughout the world.

WWW Resource Centre Culturelink Network Overview

Culturelink, the Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development, was established by UNESCO and the Council of Europe in 1989 in Paris at the UNESCO Consultation of Representatives of Regional and Sub-regional Networks for Cultural Development Research and Cooperation.

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